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Rap is something you do; Hip Hop is something you live...
--- KRS-One

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8/11/2016 - DJ UnEq - We Can Do This


Wanna check out new music?

Are you an old school hip hop head?

Check out some stuff I made in the mid 90's with several MC's that were trying to make it big at the time. I ran across these old 4-track tapes, digitally remastered them and released it as an album on bandcamp. You can stream it / download it for free here:

If you wanna show up on bandcamp as a "supporter" of the album, just buy it for a penny! I'm not worried about making any money from it.

More albums coming soon.

-DJ UnEq

8/1/2016 - soon to be Dead Again

Big heads up to anyone with a email address... Email will be going down on October 31, 2017. This is the start of migrating all 3rd party services and users off of this domain, and the domain itself will be up for sale sometime next year.

But for now, let's let the music keep on rockin', and we're outta here..

What happened to peace?